Rules are always changing.  What was practically written in stone yesterday has been erased or modified today.  This applies to the realm of fitness and health too.  Whether you are a beginner, casual exerciser, or expert, following are some rules you may want to brush up on.

If you are a beginner in working out, no matter what type of work out, start out slow.  Interested in walking?  Start out by walking ten or twenty minutes a day.  Don’t worry about how many steps you take; or, how much distance you cover.  As you advance, this may become important; but, not for the novice.  The important thing is that you start doing something.

As a beginner, you probably need to do something every day.  Habits, or breaking the bad ones, develop over time.  Walk for twenty minutes today.  Ride a bike for half an hour tomorrow.  You will find your rhythm and type of exercises along the way; but, it is important to establish a time and make a part of your day—everyday. Also, get some stationary bike review here.

Another important thing to remember is not to become over stressed or obsessed about exercising.  Stay loose during the exercise—whatever it may be.  Overdoing can be as bad as doing nothing all.  If your muscles lock up during exercise, they are not moving and most of the effort and energy is wasted during your work out.

Above are some things you need to do when exercising.  There are always two sides to every coin; a yin to a yang. Now, let’s take a moment and look at some things you shouldn’t do.

Don’t get stuck on one type of exercise.  Some folks choose a treadmill for the convenience of walking inside, anytime.  While they do exercise every day, they walk the same number of miles and at the same intensity time after time.  Not only is this boring, it is also potentially useless, because it is performed at the same speed, the same intensity, and the same amount of time.  This can be said about any routine which is the same time after time.

Solve this by doing cross training.  Do some cardio. Alternate the two types. Let one muscle group rest while concentrating on another.

The body’s posture is an important factor in exercising that many people over look.  It can affect your mood as well as your joints.  It hinders breathing by forcing the body into positions which make it difficult to breath.  So, check your posture, not only during exercise; but, while doing everyday tasks, or just sitting and watching TV.

Finally, find balance.  This could be one of the most important tips of all.  Balance your work regime with the rest of your life.  Get enough sleep.  Eat healthy.  Go to a yoga class or Pilates session.  Balance in all things is key to keeping you healthy, mentally fit, and emotionally stable.  Look at the body as a whole package and strive for equilibrium.